Skirmantė Cairns

Director, Founder

Mother, activist, translator, founder of VšĮ Inoblita.  Since the beginning of the war, she has been involved in various activities: prepared humanitarian aid shipments, for some time translated informational posts of Marius Burokas on FB about the war, and she and her son took part in protests near the russian embassy.  Carried out various other activities related to humanitarian aid.

Contact regarding: financial or material support in Lithuania and other countries, logistics issues, public relations and other issues.

 Skirmantė Cairns

Victoria Meškinytė

Logistics Coordinator, Volunteer

My name is Viktorija Meškinytė, I am a first-year student of Transport Logistics in Kolping University of Applied Sciences.

I have contributed a lot to voluntary activities: I have packed boxes, sorting them according to type and necessity, and have delivered them to civilians in Ukraine several times in various ways, giving priority to the most affected areas of Ukraine. I am happy to contribute to the aid of the affected people who are in need of it and to see their relieved faces after receiving the parcels.

Contact regarding: humanitarian aid logistics to Ukraine.


Gerda Meškinytė

Public Relations Coordinator, Volunteer

I am Gerda Meškinytė, a 1st-year Finance student, studying at Kaunas University of Technology. I decided to contribute to this newly established organisation to help those in need, in this case Ukrainian civilians, who are suffering from hunger, lack of clothing, medicines and other essentials.

I have engaged in this type of activity before: I packed boxes, distributed them according to necessity, loaded them onto buses intended to deliver aid to the most needy areas of Ukraine as soon as possible. I strongly invite people reading this presentation to decide to dedicate some time to collecting and donating humanitarian aid, in this case, creating a more harmonious future for the people of Ukraine.

Contact regarding: Social media and PR issues.


Rachel Anthia Sherlock


I’m blessed to have been a photographer for ten years now. During this decade, I’ve gravitated towards creating bold, expressive images that celebrate the beauty and diversity of all humankind.

As well as a desire to push that representation further, I love that my job means I get to meet new, amazing people all the time. And even better, I get the chance to capture something of their essence in an image that allows me, us, and them to see how extraordinary they are.

These portraits have appeared in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Glamour and many more, and featured such inspiring people as Annie Lennox, John Bradley, Stefflon Don, and Sara Pascoe.

Alongside my editorial and campaign work, I collaborate with women’s aid organisations worldwide, including The Sharan Project and INOBLITA.

Rachel Anthia Sherlock