If you would like to contribute to our activities you can do so in these ways:

    1. Financial support – this will help us cover transport expenses, and to also purchase the most essential items. Not a single cent (or penny) of your donation will be used for anything else except humanitarian aid. If you would like to support the psychological support project please note this in the payment reference.
    2. Material support – below is a list of Urgently Needed Items, if you would like to make a material donation in the UK please contact
    3. Join us – you can do so by filling out this form. You will be able to contribute doing what you know best.

If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so via:


Bank transfer
Paysera LT, UAB
IBAN: LT863500010016075944
Bank address: Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius,
LT-04352, Lithuania

List of Urgently Needed Items

  1. Medicines: for pain, for children, for colds, contraceptives, antibiotics, bandages, sterile wet and dry wipes, ointments for injuries, peroxide, disinfectant, sterile (and non-sterile) gloves and masks.
  2. Hygienic products: hygienic packs, pads, cups, diapers for small children and adults, wet wipes.
  3. Food products with a long shelf life: baby milk powder, baby food, tinned meat and fish products, dry food products such as flour, porridge oats, rice, pasta, also cling film and tin foil.
  4. Electronics: power banks, mobile phones, solar chargers.
  5. Cosmetics: combs, creams against chapped hands, shampoos and soaps for everyone, micellar water, cotton balls, earbuds, hair bands for women.
  6. Cloth and clothing: T-shirts, hooded sweaters, pants, shoes, socks (new, for children and adults), underwear (new, for children and adults), jackets, raincoats, coats, clean towels, bed linen.
  7. Cleaning items: washing up liquid, laundry detergent.
  8. Leisure and learning tools for children: notebooks, pencils, pens, colouring and exercise books, coloured pencils and felt-tip pens.