Heartfelt warmth

Heartfelt warmth

NGO Inoblita is doing yet another project, trying to ensure comfort and warmth for the residents of Ukraine. There is a 150 women organization in Ukraine, which is involved in crafting items from wool – shoes, socks, slippers, hats etc. are made by hand. To assist this goal/project, we kindly invite you to donate either money or felting wool. Felting wool will be transported to Ukraine and will improve the daily lives of people enduring hardship.

The benefit is double:
1. Women, who for some reason have no employment or have surplus free time will occupy their hands, minds, and will learn new skills;
2. Civilians who have lost their homes will receive warm items like shoes, hats etc.

We will be collecting felting wool and donations for this project until 31 October.

Our next shipment is departing on 23 July.